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What is Bomba?

Bomba means Steel Pipeline in Swahili. We are very strong in our services and training.

Who we are

  • We are a team of exceptional IT and Business consultants with broad and deep experience in Change Management. PMO, Requirements, Testing, Production Support and Monitoring.

Why we are different

  • We are enthusiastic about supporting our customers (corporate or individual) to operationalize their strategies and create sustainable change that will provide value immediately.
  • We concentrate on the following three critical changes in the operations areas: people, process, & technology.
  • We work cooperatively with our clients. This creates a sense of ownership and involves the customers in the change.
  • Although we have proven methodologies, our approach is always tailored to best meet our customer’s needs. This customization ensures that we can achieve our customer’s goals in the shortest amount of time.
  • Our consultants become experts on our clients’ work, which enables them to suggest fundamental improvements, options, and enhancements.
  • We work quickly to help our clients achieve milestones in 25-, 40- and 60-day increments. These milestones strengthen buy-in and fund future improvements.
  • Bomba supports various services across different domains.
  • Frequent meetings and status updates, be it  daily, weekly or monthly, with our customers provide measurable results and keep our customer engaged to succeed with each change initiative.
  • Our training sessions are hands-on and provide future support as needed and per the SOW

Our Team

  • We have a team of experienced IT professionals from Business, Project Planning, Requirements, Development, QA, UAT and Production Support.

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